Ross Stewart

Honours Student


Ross Stewart is very passionate about plants and the environment. This was sparked by being a part of a scouting movement since he was seven-years-old. The scouts program taught him so much – and he wanted to find a place to apply it. This led to his decision to study a BSc Degree in Botany and Chemistry at UJ. He enjoys working hard in the ACDB lab. While in the lab, he likes to spend his time on the DNA barcoding and systematics of Gasteria, amongst other things. He has many plans for future, all of which revolve around his love of plants and the environment.

Key Achievements

  • 2017 Obtained BSc degree in Life and Environmental Science with specialisation in Botany and Chemistry at the University of Johannesburg
  • 2009 Obtained the National Springbok Scout Award at 1st Bryanston Scout Group.


Plant Molecular Systematics

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