Moshadi Mashangoane

Honours Student


Current degree level: BSc Life and Environmental Sciences

Moshadi Mashangoane is a young, vibrant woman who loves nature.  She is currently pursuing an Honours Degree in Botany at the African Centre for DNA Barcoding (ACDB) at the University of Johannesburg. Moshadi holds a BSc Degree in Life and Environmental Sciences, with Botany and Environmental Management as her majors. In addition, the ACDB lab has equipped me with skills such as DNA extraction, gene amplification via the principle of polymerase chain reactions (PCR), cycle sequencing, as well as editing and aligning of sequences. Moshadi is also passionate about community development and growth. She joined the University of Johannesburg’s Community Engagement group and tutors high school pupils who are members of the Boys’ and Girls’ Club based in Pimville, Soweto. Moshadi is also involved in church activities.

Key Achievements

  • 2016 Obtained a BSc with specialisation in Botany and Environmental Management
  • UJ Community Engagement Programme


DNA Barcoding – Endangered species

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