Dorcas M Lekganyane

Masters Student


Ms Lekganyane obtained her BSc (Biochemistry and Botany) and Honours degree in Botany and Plant Biotechnology from the University of Johannesburg (UJ) in 2014 and 2015, respectively. She is currently enrolled for a MSc Botany degree (with specialisation in Molecular Systematics and DNA Barcoding). Her interest is in using DNA barcoding technology to aid in rapidly identifying and describing new or existing species to better understand South Africa’s rich biodiversity. Her study addresses the major threats to biodiversity such as the illegal trade of protected and threatened species as well as overharvesting of wild plant resources for trade at traditional medicinal markets which results in noticeable levels of species depletion.

Key Achievements

  • Winner of Best Masters Oral presentation at the 2017 SAAB/SASSB
  • Best Young Scientist 2017
  • Winner of the Best Master Oral presentation, Aspen Gold Medal Award at the 12th Annual UJ Postgraduate Botany Symposium
  • Winner of Best Masters presentation at the 2016 SAAB/SASSB
  • Office of Research First Prize for Research Excellence in a student presentation at the 2015 6th International Barcode of Life Conference
  • Winner of the Best Honours Oral Presentation, Aspen Gold Medal Award at the 2015 11th Annual UJ Postgraduate Botany Symposium


DNA Barcoding – Medicinal species

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